Thursday, October 25, 2007

Salad Dressing Morning

Autistic incendiary,
Better life, world-copied.
For Ass,
and starts screaming.

After the confrontation
I hope you can handle him.
He was biting
He was biting
A man outside.

Sunday, October 21, 2007


"Farewell my friends,
"No point wasting time."
His depression,
Gloomy arisen,
Unavoidable spontaneity.

I trust. Doctor?
"Can't be a lover anymore?
"Health for sale!
"Tasty Viagra!
"The primrose path is hereabout with Cialis!"

Tutors doin' college girls
People who died in the Holocaust ... what
Of appearance?
Touchdown Jones,
We have broken all the blackboards.

Coffee, tea, or a car loan?
The answers are "it depends," "definitely not," and "yes and no."
Her magic,
The gathering.

Celebrate Ronald Reagan's birthday
When will this finish
Problems everywhere
Unto your their clothes on their mouth. And they
Relax and take the time.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Magic is real.
Vatican bars cleric.
No jail time for the abortion pushers.
Dinosaurian scents
Freaking cheap.

Mom called.
I need to go back home for a while.
I may be mad but I'm never mistaken.
I've got the scoop:
Data entry position, easy work, great pay.

Just keep in touch.
Beware of fake pills,
Anyone can rob a bank and get away with it.
We want you back big time.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

James Bond Special

Cosmopolitan grain of sand.
Gratifying fairy,
Stop calling it soccer.

No girls laugh at me now, haha, I laugh at them.

Are you bored?
--I feel bored.
Where have you been?
--Idgetown. Darling counterfeit cityscape.
What are you up to?
--If you do not tell, I will not.

That dance,

My daughter's a tramp, isn't it cute?

It isn't a date between two men.

She lied
She lied
She lied
She lied
She lied
She lied
She lied.

James Bond Special --
No one will know
Your friend is here.

World War Three.
Sorry America -- You're not the smartest,
Germany now would welcome Tom Cruise production.
"One of your premises is simply false."
"Check out this offer,
"Accept now, while there's time."
I have my doubts about this.