Tuesday, October 2, 2007

James Bond Special

Cosmopolitan grain of sand.
Gratifying fairy,
Stop calling it soccer.

No girls laugh at me now, haha, I laugh at them.

Are you bored?
--I feel bored.
Where have you been?
--Idgetown. Darling counterfeit cityscape.
What are you up to?
--If you do not tell, I will not.

That dance,

My daughter's a tramp, isn't it cute?

It isn't a date between two men.

She lied
She lied
She lied
She lied
She lied
She lied
She lied.

James Bond Special --
No one will know
Your friend is here.

World War Three.
Sorry America -- You're not the smartest,
Germany now would welcome Tom Cruise production.
"One of your premises is simply false."
"Check out this offer,
"Accept now, while there's time."
I have my doubts about this.

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