Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Great for us all

I fill her whole mouth now
Oh yes, intercourse is alot better now im BIGGER in size
This yacht is in every magazine out there
Steve sent you a personal message
Get ready for sex in 15 minutes

Toolbox for a womanizer
My wife can't keep up
US market
The market's pulse
The Forex trading machine
To the afternoon
Suede memorial.

He was a person, not patient
Products gene tests
One wife is not enough
In a dream get leads and her
So endowment
Are you pregnant?

Your house wants to give you
Thousands of dollars
How everyone
Is ravish
Was clique.
Top secret
For your eyes only
To defend
You are in, never out
Can't be a lover anymore?
Order it
Never let illnesses win
Order it
Her disquietude my triumph.

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