Thursday, June 11, 2009

Over or no

Looking and feeling healthy is
More real than ever.
Every girl will fall on knees.

Good night.

You're officially "in" now,
Join our discussion.

Creative freak online.

I was looking for you.
(you really appeal to me)
So good to find you.
Wait for me.
News about vacation.
Can you help me?
(so good to find you)
I'm depressed, missing you.
Expect to see you.
(I left you a note)
Use this number.
(nervous about your words)
My explanations.
(give me a call)
Want to see you.
(so good to find you)

Good night.
Good day.
I noticed your flirt.
You asshole, answer.

Stop your pain today.
Your beer, sir.
Look at this glorious shit.

In only a few weeks you will be a new man.

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