Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Greetings from our office

Last day of free downloading
Virus in our office
Today is the last day.
Walk all over us,
What can you see here?

An hour left.
Final result and consequences.
Last lecture. Time and place.
Phones to call

I will need it back.
An hour left.
Should we buy alcohol?
Is Linda here?
Your number doesn't respond.

Look at our pal's blog,
Angel-babes party
New York divas exposed,
These girls are angels
One for me, one for you.

Today is the last day.
It is more. Thicker. Longer. More long.
--I will share it with you.
Tables for work?
--An hour left.

Better late than never, huh?
Your number doesn't respond.
I collected photos.
I love you.
Replace me tomorrow, ok?

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