Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Show me your watch and I will tell you who you are.

Hot Rihanna's butt,
Send me this song.
Hello, deepshit,
So good to find you,
In 2 days I'll sue you,
Changes in the scheme.
Fearless police officer killed
Life is beautiful

Is barrier is committed
I handyman in hangman
I whichever Coudersport
Is my belchertown
Our staff reduction
Just what your rod needs
Corpus spongisum,
Lenght and width.
Classic of men's success.
Taste the sweetness of a rich looking person,
Sell in May and go away,
When springtime depression strikes
Let's meet on a weekend,
I beg you, answer
I beg you, answer.

Guten tag

Dive deep into the ocean of plesaure and passion,
Acai diet will burn your unwanted fat.

It is traumatic for us to say,
This night she will do everything for you.

First month
All I need is you.

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