Tuesday, August 23, 2011

pugilistic dante / redux of spanish thought

Sensor Technologies march 
Inserting engine metal/material fatigue 
shoot to swell failure attachments 
on key threat systems 
In most of the histories of philosophy that I know, 
plain philosophic systems are connection sprout presented 
dry to us as if gr

The final inform example is that of bovine 
"The Royal Canadian Mounted Police," 
sensuous space whose unofficial motto was 
"never are the words that pugilistic Dante puts into the cast mouth of Francesca da Rimini (Inferno, v., 121-123); basket whip 
but if t No! 
The remedy is to consider our mortal number destiny 
without flinching, 
to page rule let fasten our gaze upon the gaze Yes, 
Lucretius wished to leg arrive at wrong a example conclusion, 
a solution, 
and, what is worse, he wished knot to find c
Angel Ganivet, a man push
all divination and instinct,
was more happily crack existence inspired,
in inquisitively my opinion, when he
Well, you'd pump wave better keep shed the money.
You'll want match it on your journey.
And this personal
or disapprove rather
element in faith extends fact
apparatus even to the cloth lowest forms of it,
fo In La terrible Dgradation de l'nergie (ive partie, chap. start xviii., 2)
B. Brunhes relates defiant unfasten a story concerning t
I shall never forget
attempt a scene
of which I was a witness that took place on the
rarely understood banks of upset the river
that murder print
Sensor commercial technologies are grouped knowledge into four areas:
and processing.

It behoves us tintinnabulary to say, 
before all, 
that philosophy lies closer to unit poetry brass than to alvine science. 
All philoso 
But perhaps we must look for shoe throat splendid 
the hero weak of Spanish thought, 
not in any actual flesh-and-bone philosoph  
A few observations about these shaken examples 
offer insights on which to test and evaluate fiction decision count means of applyi
There is unusual also a coloem key distinction
bought between guess selective or precise and massive application of force. 

"The bitterest sorrow mow attention that happen man can know 
is to aspire to do much and orange to achieve nothing" 
(  "There is upheld one distinction in the world's foolish geography 
which comes immediately neck to our minds interest 
when we thus Identifying specific location 
and determining peace weight poor strength and material 
of protected whistle targets of value.  
If we all kick die utterly, 
wherefore does everything measure exist? 
It is the spring bring Wherefore of the Sphinx

Developing dial whip bucket
a setting wove ordnance rhyme 
capable of destroying all hardened targets. 
Among the poetic cerebral grain balneal laments of the unhappy 
Cowper there are some lines written rice 
under the oppression of nervously 

We pity what is like ourselves, 
and the greater and clearer our sense of wash volucrine 
its turn likeness with ourselves 
Hell might charming blown afford shown thick 
my miseries a shelter.

do understand me

no money? no problem
poetry begins here
am I saying you will make $152,327 in one month?
"unrated plainsong emerod slacknesses"

for people with a sense of humor only

votre acces sans payer
votre acces personnel
enrichir le role de l'adjointe
l'amour fou, l'amour violent
adieu my love

are you free?
there's power in knowing
wanna be like me?

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

standard and poorer

microsoft windows...
old as dirt
kind of lazy
standard and poorer
in danger...
see it spin
it's sprung
tied up fetish about halfway up with
states await downgrade fallout
bernardi honda wants your car

i love you
are you ready to watch these young girls blossom into women
i never forget you
what's in bloom

time to move ahead
better and stronger again

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

best balls around

deflate agamemnon, 
configuration buteo devil, 
blaspheme abelson. 
bashful cromwell crucial crossbow crust anion atalanta.
counterproposal bacterium asymmetry caldwell concourse
deliverance cochineal appropriable chronicle decreeing cascara dais.
bony bacilli acuity codify airmass clubroom aging

Monday, August 8, 2011

come into its being

Purpose to carry it happened that Laughed again you there... Mell was given him before. Barkis is possible to lord. Creakle with greater part from. Who come in reference to help observing that. Chapter my rooms were very large enough

Sunday, August 7, 2011

make your mind work

what good is success if you're chained to a desk?
good news for you Amin
two cocks inside this teen
until he read the horses
hold stiff all night
smell sweeter below the belt
thus having not tell
who is mystery millionaire funneling cash to mitt romney?
book keeper needed urgently
senate expected to pass debt bill
don't be angry

Saturday, July 30, 2011

things are changing

secret document Amin
autopilot income machines
hello handsome
prospecting yourself broke?
confidence to live alone
b4 you lose your house or home
mom, can we talk about this soon?
any girl will stay with you
dating, relationships, pickup, life - honey and lance
foundation grants

take that

have at you

do you want to use your fingers?
it's all free for seniors
divine investment
paradise by the dashboard light
go west
go west
you have a new buddy request
internet access on the beach
stress relief
forget about stress
facial and microdermabrasion
miley making out with an asian
gaybymail subscription confirmation
twitter has sent you a notification:
earn money.

Friday, July 29, 2011


what is indian pudding?
healthy snacks for runners

delivery failed
soy good

Thursday, July 28, 2011


six figure yearly
your credit card has been blocked
completing the sale

don't sell me, help me
blinded by the LED
delivery failed

Sunday, July 24, 2011

one door closes, another door opens

imagine all the people
overcome alcoholism
find fun loving Asian singles
begin training in medical technology
set up a steel building
get great deals on air conditioners
pursue an online doctorate
meet other christian singles
overcome alcoholism
stop foreclosure in its tracks

imagine all the people
suffering from arthritis
go anywhere with wireless internet
see photos of 50-plus singles
overcome alcoholism
vacation in Italy
search for the cure

Saturday, July 23, 2011

hot big ass fucking booty master

pleased to meet you, collapsed strangers
frankland of another hour
from me to you
trap for her heart
my trust in you
don't cry

for girls and men
life is like a cup of coffee
craving for pink shaven puss

sometimes, whats underneath means more
lay waste to the doubters

one task left
hour-long facial
shove it in her face
learn how to capture the moment

Friday, July 22, 2011

coffee shop millionaire

in love there are two things: bodies and words
the most precious possession that ever comes to a man in this world is a woman's heart
indeed it arrived
cute skinny girl Jade
something exceptional Amin
kayak & wine
5 nights in grenada
super proposal

many apologies

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

a dangerous opportunity

time to relax
senate GOP showing flexibility in debt fight
still scared of health reform
maxgentleman enlargement pills
grandpas fuck teens
hello my new friend
time to relax
my dear beloved friend

thou art to me a delicious torment
murdoch physically attacked at UK hearing
something to consider
humanitarian work

both ways of life
better than coffee
war debt
world debt

Sunday, July 3, 2011

summer time

Sex all around the house
On your fund
Like underage ones?

All friends unite today
Pre-paid account gift
Your bill.
Yet another Airbus disaster

Get a required degree,
Cable TV.
Unforeseen troubles.
I still don't understand.

Love is gone.
We talked for hours,
I was wrong.
I still don't understand.

Just smile,
Modification can fix everything,

I was there, filming his death

New circumstances
Still counting on you
Interact with me
Interact with me
Go fly a kite.

Miss Marina James

Never leave the house.

Fire in your house.

Never leave the house.


A watch speaks about its owner
Answer, when you see it
Asian dreams forever.
Be a passionate sinner
Bringing fuel of passion
Brutal: Gibson vs. paparazzi
Check your brain speed,
Cures fast and effective
Come to our room
Create the life you've always wanted
Details on future party
Dear co-workers
Diplomas for everybody
Don't pay for costly repairs
Even the most beautiful women would want to be by your side
Enlarging your machine is the best way to get your ex back
Excellent replicas for a reasonable price
Employment opportunity
Freshly squeezed pomegranate juice
For next week
Flaming dog meat sets school on fire
Final NHL scandal
Good night
Give her often night attacks

Good day
Gas attack in Jerusalem

Hit of the cholesterol lowering
Hot news: Obama pissed
Hey boy, howdy?
Invite for weekend
Inside the Capitol
It's called the Business Space
It has never been easier to pick up women
Join us in park
Job got you down? Try us,
Jump start your way to success with Robert Allen.
Joke about jews
Kills dangerous bacteria dead

Lift your rod
Lavigne's accidental nudity
License prolongation
Lady Gaga showed them

My first record
Mistakes to correct

Need talk about business
Need real anti-fungal
Nothing heals better

See Emma Watson's hole
Send me the code
Send me the code

Videos of explosions

We know how to kill even the most violent ache

be the king

Heat in your pants
Luxury pens
Make love like R. Jeremy.
Senator showed pride.

I have problems
The car I bought
It will make you rofl
Your share of cash from Twitter
More bankers commit suicide.

Unbeatable prices
Get down for documents
Move your ass here
Michael Jackson died.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

get elected

your moment is coming. are you ready?
hooray to you.
I saw, I died,
you got a second chance.

Thursday, June 30, 2011

part-time employment

from the rail alliance
news from great american downtown
man-eating tribe abducted tourist and ate them
man makes dog eat human,
dog takes on abandoned tigers

japan announces nuclear capability, China alarmed
a warning shot
never too early

effects of longer rod revealed:
japan's nuclear crisis offers lessons for rest of world

serial killer loves to party
get the key
warm thought
a wig no one will notice

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

we have the clogs for you

a day on the beach
exercising the penis
a room of your own
like a hot knife through butter

your money has been recovered
internet riches
bottoms up

you are a winner
i am sick
be careful and cautious Amin
cell phones may soon read your minds

school reunion
noble work
overcome alcoholism
sky's the limit
why not take a cruise
record it all on a spy camera

young baby and black guy
we are one
lord is good
do not disagree with me

fresh ideas