Thursday, June 30, 2011

part-time employment

from the rail alliance
news from great american downtown
man-eating tribe abducted tourist and ate them
man makes dog eat human,
dog takes on abandoned tigers

japan announces nuclear capability, China alarmed
a warning shot
never too early

effects of longer rod revealed:
japan's nuclear crisis offers lessons for rest of world

serial killer loves to party
get the key
warm thought
a wig no one will notice

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

we have the clogs for you

a day on the beach
exercising the penis
a room of your own
like a hot knife through butter

your money has been recovered
internet riches
bottoms up

you are a winner
i am sick
be careful and cautious Amin
cell phones may soon read your minds

school reunion
noble work
overcome alcoholism
sky's the limit
why not take a cruise
record it all on a spy camera

young baby and black guy
we are one
lord is good
do not disagree with me

fresh ideas