Tuesday, August 23, 2011

pugilistic dante / redux of spanish thought

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In most of the histories of philosophy that I know, 
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The final inform example is that of bovine 
"The Royal Canadian Mounted Police," 
sensuous space whose unofficial motto was 
"never are the words that pugilistic Dante puts into the cast mouth of Francesca da Rimini (Inferno, v., 121-123); basket whip 
but if t No! 
The remedy is to consider our mortal number destiny 
without flinching, 
to page rule let fasten our gaze upon the gaze Yes, 
Lucretius wished to leg arrive at wrong a example conclusion, 
a solution, 
and, what is worse, he wished knot to find c
Angel Ganivet, a man push
all divination and instinct,
was more happily crack existence inspired,
in inquisitively my opinion, when he
Well, you'd pump wave better keep shed the money.
You'll want match it on your journey.
And this personal
or disapprove rather
element in faith extends fact
apparatus even to the cloth lowest forms of it,
fo In La terrible Dgradation de l'nergie (ive partie, chap. start xviii., 2)
B. Brunhes relates defiant unfasten a story concerning t
I shall never forget
attempt a scene
of which I was a witness that took place on the
rarely understood banks of upset the river
that murder print
Sensor commercial technologies are grouped knowledge into four areas:
and processing.

It behoves us tintinnabulary to say, 
before all, 
that philosophy lies closer to unit poetry brass than to alvine science. 
All philoso 
But perhaps we must look for shoe throat splendid 
the hero weak of Spanish thought, 
not in any actual flesh-and-bone philosoph  
A few observations about these shaken examples 
offer insights on which to test and evaluate fiction decision count means of applyi
There is unusual also a coloem key distinction
bought between guess selective or precise and massive application of force. 

"The bitterest sorrow mow attention that happen man can know 
is to aspire to do much and orange to achieve nothing" 
(  "There is upheld one distinction in the world's foolish geography 
which comes immediately neck to our minds interest 
when we thus Identifying specific location 
and determining peace weight poor strength and material 
of protected whistle targets of value.  
If we all kick die utterly, 
wherefore does everything measure exist? 
It is the spring bring Wherefore of the Sphinx

Developing dial whip bucket
a setting wove ordnance rhyme 
capable of destroying all hardened targets. 
Among the poetic cerebral grain balneal laments of the unhappy 
Cowper there are some lines written rice 
under the oppression of nervously 

We pity what is like ourselves, 
and the greater and clearer our sense of wash volucrine 
its turn likeness with ourselves 
Hell might charming blown afford shown thick 
my miseries a shelter.

do understand me

no money? no problem
poetry begins here
am I saying you will make $152,327 in one month?
"unrated plainsong emerod slacknesses"

for people with a sense of humor only

votre acces sans payer
votre acces personnel
enrichir le role de l'adjointe
l'amour fou, l'amour violent
adieu my love

are you free?
there's power in knowing
wanna be like me?

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

standard and poorer

microsoft windows...
old as dirt
kind of lazy
standard and poorer
in danger...
see it spin
it's sprung
tied up fetish about halfway up with
states await downgrade fallout
bernardi honda wants your car

i love you
are you ready to watch these young girls blossom into women
i never forget you
what's in bloom

time to move ahead
better and stronger again

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

best balls around

deflate agamemnon, 
configuration buteo devil, 
blaspheme abelson. 
bashful cromwell crucial crossbow crust anion atalanta.
counterproposal bacterium asymmetry caldwell concourse
deliverance cochineal appropriable chronicle decreeing cascara dais.
bony bacilli acuity codify airmass clubroom aging

Monday, August 8, 2011

come into its being

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Sunday, August 7, 2011

make your mind work

what good is success if you're chained to a desk?
good news for you Amin
two cocks inside this teen
until he read the horses
hold stiff all night
smell sweeter below the belt
thus having not tell
who is mystery millionaire funneling cash to mitt romney?
book keeper needed urgently
senate expected to pass debt bill
don't be angry