Saturday, August 2, 2014

demanding affairs

We could really use your help right now..not tomorrow, but right friggin now.

A group of Married Women are going to KILL us if you do not help!

We have more female members on our AFFAIRS dating community than men to sleep with them.

These women are DEMANDING that we bring them more men for them to sleep with.

You see, these women are married and they only have a few days to themselves before their husbands come home.

So the only option we have right now is to give away 425 free-memberships to any man that wants one.

We would typically charge you for a membership, but these women are yelling at us for not having enough men to go around.

If we give you a membership to our sex-dating community will you please sleep with some of these women?

Press here to get your pass

Hurry and get started so these women will calm the heck down.

Make sure to be smart and always use protection when sleeping with any woman.

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