Tuesday, August 12, 2014

love from jennifer in syria

Jennifer Amina.Good Day.
FROM Jennifer Amina.
My E-mail: syjenniferaminaz@yahoo.com

With tears rolling down my eyes and with total submission to the will 
of God Allah, I Choose this means to communicate you because I am sure 
I will get in contact with the right person that will be honest to me.

My name is Jennifer Amina, I am 22 years old girl, and I am from 
Damascus Syria. I am studying nursing science in the university of 
Damascus, before the war started in Syria. The war in my country Syria 
has taken many lives, and rendered many people homeless, I am just a 
refugee now. Its so sad that one afternoon I came back home, and see 
my fathers house destroyed by bomb by the rebels, and my family were 
inside the house when this happened, I lost my two brothers and my 
father and mother. Since all my family members has died in war, I see 
no reason to live and enjoy my life again. My father was murdered with 
my mother at the same day.

I truly need your help because I discovered that my father deposited 
some money in a bank in London and used me as the next of kin, and I 
have been looking for a way to receive the fund from the bank in 
London. Because of my current situation, I contacted you to help me 
and sponsor me to receive GBP. £. Two million great 
British pounds sterling , which my father deposited with a bank in 
London United kingdom, and the bank has sent me an E-mail yesterday 
that I should come and claim the money because I am the only surviving 
person in my family.

You should click here for more information's about the Syria war: 


I suggest that when you receive the money with your bank account, you 
will take 40% forty percent of the money for helping me, then you 
advise me on how to invest the remaining 60% sixty percent in your 
country, because the money will be in your bank account.

Please help me and receive this money, and I will come to your country 
and live with you. I am homeless now, and i manage to get access to 
internet, no phones network. I am in pains, please I need your urgent 

My last prayer is that may the soul of my family members rest in 
peace, and May they rest in the bosom of God.

I wish to relocate to your Country, Now that Syria security and our 
Economic independent has been lost to the greatest lower level, and 
our culture has been lost forever and our happiness has been taking 
away from us. Since my father is dead I want to leave Syria and 
relocate to your country at the moment for my safety.

You should contact me on my E-mail: syjenniferaminaz@yahoo.com

Kindly contact me with my E-mail at: syjenniferaminaz@yahoo.com for 
more details.

May God bless you and your family !

Jennifer Amina.a

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