Saturday, August 2, 2014

praise to allah

Dearest one, please I need assistance from your country. I am Mr. Mahmood Shahid Khan from Pakistan. My wife and our only child lost their lives recently in a flood disaster in Pakistan. After that great lost to my entire life, I decided to relocate by having a dwelling in UK, been impatient to leave and making plans on how to buy a house in UK, I unluckily met with this crook Robert Stephens who claimed on the web to be estate agent on built-up buildings. I made arrangement with him for a mini flat, which he requested 480,000 GBP then instructed me to make a wire transfer of that sum to his account with Santander bank and I obeyed. Luckily for me after transferring the money to him, his account was reported to be fraudulent, which made the bank seized all the money and deactivate his account. I made known to the bank I paid the 480,000 GBP that drew their attention to his account and praise to Allah the refund of my money was approved by the bank. But now, the bank advised me to arrange for a reliable bank account in your country so that my money can be refunded without interruptions as they cannot transfer that sum directly to me in Pakistan based on the high security level of the European central bank. Please I need your assistance to receive my money from the UK bank then transfer to me over here in Pakistan. Please write to me if I can get true help from you and I shall reward you with 5 percentage after the refund is successfully done. Thanks as I wait your reply, Mr. Mahmood Shahid Khan.

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