Tuesday, November 25, 2014

mr. ani

Dear Friend,
My name is Mr.Ani Williams. I work as the Regional Manager of Union Bank of Nigeria Plc. With operational office at Falomo, Lagos- Nigeria. As the Regional Manager of Union Bank of Nigeria Plc, Falomo. It is my duty to send financial report to the Head office at Abuja, the Federal Capital Territory.
During the second quarter financial report ending June, 2010, but I discovered that one of the branches under my portfolio failed to detect the sum of US$12.5 million (Twelve Million Five Hundred Thousand United States Dollars) belonging to a late foreign contractor/customer who died with his entire family in an Earthquake disaster in Bam, South Eastern City of Iran few years back.
For the fact that I don't want this money returned to the bank treasury as unclaimed or been shared by the executive board of directors of this bank to further enrich themselves, I therefore solicit for your cooperation with me to claim this sum of money for the financial stability of our both families. All I need to know from you is your ability to stand in as the late customer?s extended cousin (i.e. next of kin) since there is no written WILL attached to the deposited fund.
I will appreciate your timely response with information below on your acceptance. A. Your Full Name B. Address C. Direct phone D. Your direct email (purposely for this transaction) E. Your international passport or identity card (scanned) The Information requested above, will help you and me to put up letter of claim to the Bank for the fund release and at the same time help me to locate you as soon as I arrives your country for the sharing of the money immediately you confirm the receipt of the money transfer in your bank account.
My contact details will be made available to you as soon as you respond back to me with interest. Please I don?t want to execute this deal with somebody that will jeopardize the chances of claiming this money or the person with greedy motives of denying me of my share. Our sharing ratio from the total money is to remain open for us to deliberate and agree upon.
I do not use my CIUDAD account quite frequently these days and would prefer if you can communicate with me through my Yahoo id < williams_ani09@yahoo.co.uk>
Mr.Ani Williams.
Telephone: +234-9091650776

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