Tuesday, December 9, 2014

mr. clinton guzman

Attn: Beneficiary,

You are required to confirm why you have not claimed your fund despite numerous
contact with you in the past by the authorities. We are under pressure from Mr.
Clinton Guzman who claimed that you are dead and made him your Beneficiary and next
of kin hence, your fund $4.8m should be paid to him.

We are very confused at this stage because we have not heard from you and it is very
suspicious as Mr. Clinton Guzman is ready to pay for the Compulsory Payment Approval
Fee for the funds to be re approved in his favor as your next of kin and paid to him.

Finally, this is the very last confirmation and you are advised to confirm to us and
when you will pay the  Compulsory Payment Approval Fee of $95 needed from you immediately if
you are Alive so that the funds $4.800,000.00million USD will be reactivated and paid to
you. We must prove that this man is either lying against you or you are dead if we do
not get your response hence, he will be paid the fund as your Next of kin.

NOTE: Your payment will be by direct deliver to your nominated home address or
via ATM Card.

If your alive,please reconfirm to us your full delivery address
here is the address required from you,
HOME ADDRESS...........
PHONE NUMBER..........
ZIP CODE...........

Please call us on our direct telephone number +229 61670032 or Email:

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