Sunday, December 28, 2014

tunde mathieu


    I will start by assuring you that you are dealing with a man of his word and if you are of the same person as I am then we are not going to regret this good transaction am about to introduce to you.

    My name is Mr. Tunde Mathieu, I am a diplomat of a certify courier company in Republic of Benin and I have a good transaction I will like to discuss with you and if you are interested, I will also want to execute it with you as long as you are a trust worthy person.

    I was selected to deliver a sealed trunk box containing $5.6 million dollars to Mr. Walter Nixon in Canada and I successfully arrived in Canada with the boxes but failed to meet with Mr. Walter Nixon because he failed to meet with me as agreed before my departure. I tried to call Mr. Walter Nixon so many times but could not get him but after so much trial, I finally got his wife who picked my call and told me that Mr. Walter was presently in hospital. I had no choice but to contact my company and tell them what was going on and they told me to keep it in our affiliated courier company in Canada .

    I later called Mr. Walter Nixon’s phone and his wife picked and gave me a bad news that her husband is dead and when I tried to explain to her why I want to meet with her husband, she dropped the phone and that was how I lost contact with Mr. Walter because I tried so many other times but got no response.

    I will be leaving back to my country today but I wish to own the $5.6 million dollars to myself but the problem I have is that I cannot collect it from the company because I am not Mr. Walter and I am not a foreigner to claim as Mr. Walter’s relative. And moreover I do not know how to go about putting such huge amount of money in a bank in Canada so I need a capable partner.

    I need you to come as Mr. Walter’s relative to claim the box and we will both share it 60% for me and 40% for you.

    I wish to inform you that there is no risk involved but all will go according to plan as long as you assure me that you will not deny me as your partner in this transaction.

    I also wish to inform you that there is another box containing $2.4 million United States Dollars in Republic of Benin and after we finish with the $5.6 million dollars we will claim the $2.4 million successfully.

    I need your interest in this transaction before I can give you all necessary details on how we will succeed successfully.

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Yours Faithfully,

Tunde Mathieu

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