Sunday, April 12, 2015

charitable offer

Good day,
My name is Peter Cole, I am a veteran of the Oil and Gas industry and I have led Aquaterra Energy as Chairman and chief executive. After losing my wife and only son to a car accident almost 10 years ago there were some things that comforted me- HELPING THE POOR! It is sad! I was diagnosed with Colon cancer (terminal) 2 years ago and I am currently very ill at the Medical Centre in Acton County Armagh in Northern Ireland, United Kingdom. During times like these it can be very difficult to know what to do. However, I have a charitable offer for you that would be of great help to anyone in Need, Poor, Destitute, etc, after my death. Please for more information on this charitable proposal and the money you will need to set up the Trust Foundation contact me via:
Note: You do not need to spend your hard-earned money; this charitable Trust will be funded by me. I look forward to hearing from you soon.
Kind regards
Peter Cole

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