Sunday, April 5, 2015

surprising way to overcome e.d.

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Getting hard is a three part process…
And so if you’re failing to get the kind of 100% rock solid hard-ons that make it EASY to bring a woman to orgasm… or if you can’t STAY hard and maintain your stamina in bed…
Then something is going wrong in this three part process…
Here it is…
#1 – You get external stimulation (for example you see a beautiful woman naked)
#2 – External stimulation is processed in the brain and hormones are released into your bloodstream telling your manhood to store blood at high pressure
#3 – Your manhood stores blood until it gets rock hard
Of these three parts there’s one part where you have substantially more influence than the others…
Part #2.
You can influence how you respond to external stimulation.
For starters… what’s your internal dialogue?
When you enter a sexual situation do you start to panic and say things like…
“What if I can’t stay hard?” “What if I can’t satisfy her?” “What will she think of my performance?”
Or do you respond confidently with things like…
“This feels incredible” “I’m so connected to her” “she’s so sexy” “I’m so excited about having sex”
Similarly, what do you picture?
Do you picture things failing, you not staying hard, her being disappointed or other disempowering things?
Or do you picture yourself staying hard, her having an incredible time and do you focus on all the things about her that arouse you?
Can you see how a different approach could cause you to experience different results in terms of your ability to get hard?
Well the psychological side is only part of it.
A very important side mind you, but still only one side.
There’s also a physical side.
What you put in your body can also have a huge impact on your ability to get hard, because some naturally occurring foods, especially certain rare plant extracts can provide your brain with the resources it needs to create more of the hormones that allow you to get hard.
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