Tuesday, May 10, 2016

thank you

Translated from the Japanese by Google

If Kudasare men who are reading this to the end, I think you'll immediately understand.
I am the manager of the phrase site.
This time wearing send such e-mail
we have a regret that it something very rude, but I have a story you want to hear, even to such a thing.
You have said in the beginning, but I "have registered with the dating site, and meet with me, and pass the money just us met" Nante say such a thing is not at all.
If, just if anything just be not just get the money for ... such a thing is really there, but
it is amazing that encounter. It is a place that I also want to do.
Such good story is utter bullshit. Not highly unlikely.
However, if it said that if there is no way that men earn, but it is not.
Women it does not mean there is no system to pay the money.
Discover I only there is no system that get the money only.
In other words, says the simple and, more men, in either give you doing to meet women, I thing that the reward amount is determined.
And, that even man himself to the amount set is a big advantage of my site.
But it is very confusing. Excuse me.
It will clearly explain.
For example, men When you register, we decided to first of all their reward amount.
kiss → \ 10000
One day Dating → \ 20000
SEX → \ 50000

Let's say you set such amount.

Woman will choose a man of the profile, the man in the amount of money you have this setting.
And, actually take the appointment, encounter, we it comes to get the reward that has been
determined in advance by a man was raised with.
Again, I think that very mind givin to talk of money in exchange of a direct woman.
Most often was consultation in the inquiry than male members like is, was the issue of money.
- I women I want a story to hated not wonder-money of money, I want to do is pre-clear the amount Nowak before good to either do not know that - meet if cut out
Because in my site is a site that was launched to rely on the voice of such a man, I think that you and your value for money set without hesitation.
Of course, because the woman has a story on the assumption the reward, it does not also be the talk of the money directly.
Within my site, for women from two points of things that can prove the identification and income, we ensure minimum standards ensure the identification and revenue.
So, women who can not pay is that that it is not in my site.
This will also be a major feature of my site unique.
I hope you can know the site system?
Only one in,
if you get by the excuse, initially at although it was a prospect with the direction of the male members like there are many, will increasingly too registration of women members like, from the women members like in this state I became to this email of fear and do not claim to come.
I am sorry.
But, in this system that you just talked about, I think that it is no male members like to lose.
It is, I think the easy-to-understand most have them realize once try.
Since you can also participate in the free e-mail of the Yahoo-like, etc., please try once.
(Also simply by the amount set to write a profile is OK)

There was no at length sorry.
Yuki Kurosaki

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