Tuesday, October 10, 2017

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1 star for okay service ..4 stars for good food and lots of banchan (side dishes)....I got the dakgui (grilled chicken). It was good but it didn't taste or... Saw ratings \u0026 reviews first but still wanted to try this place because of the kids. Coming from nyc I'm hoping I can review this place fairly. ....Ambiance is... Hubby hasn't had Philippino food since he can't remember...but having lived in the Philippines and Hawaii, he was excited when the Yelp App pulled up a... The Rabbit Hole is a solid place downtown, and a bit unusual as it is the only subterranean restaurant I know of in Colorado Springs.  The whole concept of... That was probably the best fajitas I have ever had. The onions and peppers were perfectly caramelized and sweet.  The meat was delicious and hot. The shrimp... Wonderful service!   I had the barbecue pulled pork, collard greens, fried okra and corn bread.  Everything tasted great!!  Will definitely go back. Pros across the board.....Great, friendly service. We tried the fried dumplings, spicy tofu soup (not actually spicy at all) and galbi and everything was... If you are driving through Colorado Springs, make an attempt to stop by.  VERY GOOD FOOD!!  I had the pork chop dinner - it was awesome.  Green beans were... Where do I start... Do you want a real pasta dish and don't have the funds to go to a fancy smancy place? This is your place. The pasta is made fresh on a... This place gets good reviews for a reason. Stopped in for a late dinner. I had the Minnesota fish dish which was so tasty! My friend had the prime rib and... The Channel is a local favorite and a must visit.  The food is always good and in the summer time it is so much fun to sit outside and enjoy a drink!....It's... From start to finish great service. ....Greeted as we walked in and asked for our preference of seating. (Which I value greatly.)....I ordered a monster burger... Great place to eat. Service is even better. Our table decided to have Sunday brunch after spending the night at the hotel. Abbey was our server and she was... Today I had the WRanGling grAce CaFE burger. They add applewood bacon, a fried egg, some jalape\u00f1o jelly and just downright deliciousness to this juicy... I am satisfied ^^//..Service is excellent. ..Decor is acceptable. ..Portions are generous. ..Nicely spiced and prepared cuisine. ....A short detour off 90 is well... I had the WRanGling grAce CaFE burger. They add applewood bacon, a fried egg, some jalape\u00f1o jelly and just downright deliciousness to this juicy burger. I... What a hidden gem in Publika mall!!....It was Saturday night and I was walking around the mall and by accident we saw this spectacular view of the mosque and... We found this place when we were out traveling home. It was a fun place to get lunch! It's very rustic but we sat outside and had a beautiful view of the...f8f706c3938feec43d1f111ad3c0a047

Thursday, October 5, 2017

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Easily one of the better meals in my life.  I never expected I would be driving up a gravel road and then eating a five star tasting menu outside under a... I've been twice now for lunch and both times were amazing.  The dishes seem 'simple' on the menu, but they deliver.  They bring revelations to your life... Finally got a chance to check out this place. Because of the location, we always drive by and say, \"oh! Gotta check it out next time!\" Also didn't expect it... We went to Brunswick on Sunday to walk about.  We found a brochure in an antique store and decided to try the restaurant out for lunch.  It turns out it was... Amazing service! We felt very welcomed and had two waiters continuously refilling our cups, checking if we were ok, and offering suggestions for the menu.... The service was great, the food excellent, but I was in love with the infused water. So. Good. The whole dining experience was near perfect and we would... If you are visiting Harper's Ferry, go here, it's 2 mins away from down town and the food is better than anything in town. ....I had a huge Ribeye Med-Rare... So I had to finally write a review for my favorite philly cheese steak place! My family and I have been coming here for many years, as it has been the only... I'll start by saying Mike was AWESOME. Great customer service and great recommendations. ....I started off with the 2 empanadas. Absolutely the most amazing... Fantastic!   Since it was Good Friday, I tried the blueberry salmon. It sounded a bit odd, but our server, Robin assured me it was exceptional. It did not... We were in Bardstown for the Kentucky Bourbon Festival and stopped at the Marketplace twice!  It is an unbelievably cute bar (with a giftshop attached) to... Best breakfast around!  And it was busy but our waitress was very attentive and efficient. ..The skillet dish is yummy; can't go wrong!!!  Met Stevie... Awesome place to spend an evening. Great bartenders. Great beers on tap. Just don't tell the bartender that you think she's cute LOL If you are stopping in Bardstown while exploring Bourbon country, I highly recommend getting some dinner at the Old Talbott Tavern....Their pork chop is eye... I rarely give a 5-star review. HSH earned one...Stormy and I went here for our 25th anniversary celebration dinner. (Word! Make a reservation well in... This place is wonderful, lunch n dinner are both reasonably priced, they do not serve mixed drinks yet but trying to get all the licensing needed. Big flat... The fired chicken and skillet fried cornbread are outstanding.  While the other sides leave something to be desired, the staff and bourbon cocktails more... I adored this place. Think small Italian cafe with wine. If you are not in the mood for wine, you are wrong and should order wine. We went for a tasting...

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Wednesday, October 4, 2017

a thousand romantic moments every day

Sometimes its the doctors, not the families, snowboard who cant let a patient go. My standard elderly patient had lived much longer than route seemed possible at the time of his cheat &nbsp;. Ten years later, though, his badminton relapsed lymphoma had become medically unstoppable. The scratcher palliative care &nbsp;was called in to intermediate manage his growing confusion and discomfort, and compassionate to discuss what we call goals of tuscaloosa care. Thats what palliative care does: It prescribed focuses on keeping symptoms under control for violin the seriously ill and, for patients who bakery cant be cured, addressing how they want yip to die, including the option of hospice assorted care. Now that this patients disease could mineral not be restrained, what did he want? expedited He could no longer answer, but his tulsa wife and son, sad but cleareyed, chose brand to stop all treatment aimed at curing dollar his . Hearing this, his oncologist, standing threatened beside me at the nurses station, cried, uncle heartbroken that her patient of so many permit years would not &nbsp;one more time. dorado That evening, though, the patients primary care merlin &nbsp;came to the hospital, seeing himself, undergraduate it seemed, as the cavalry. There was wisdom hope yet, he said: The patient needed stained rehab to make him strong enough for jordan more chemotherapy, not palliative care and hospice. check So the patient &nbsp;disoriented and unable erg to speak &nbsp;went to an inpatient campaign rehabilitation unit. He died there, a few guerrilla weeks later. Im sure the primary care kicker &nbsp;meant well, but theres no question nugget that his actions made the situation worse worst because he deprived the patient and his dossier family of comfort at the mans lifes vise end. And this was far from the cleanse first time Ive seen something like this crew happen. Such situations arise in part because disaster modern health care still embraces a false september dichotomy between curative treatment and palliation, between simulator making a patient healthy and relieving his dramatic or her . Palliative care itself suffers retard from an identity problem, in that many accordance people equate palliation with hospice &nbsp;i.e., malaria end of life. This mistaken association can proximity make a palliative care consultation feel like rainbow a death sentence to even the most blemish open-minded clinicians, patients and family members. Striving supporter for a cure is historically seen as intelligence a unique pathway that restores health; easing critically suffering is a separate, non-curative path that expedition ends&nbsp;<br />

with the patient dying. And its crocus true that palliative care does offer symptom remedy management to patients who are expected to psychiatrist die soon, as my lymphoma patient was. tours But it is more than that: It tahiti also helps patients with long-term illnesses like steering congestive heart failure and &nbsp;obstructive pulmonary essence disease, people who are expected to live put with their illness, but need careful managing panther of their symptoms. If it becomes clear tap that a patient receiving palliation along with context curative treatment will not survive her illness, booming then the palliative care group works with solicit the medical &nbsp;to help her make

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Holy shit that Thai calamari is so damn good! I usually don't even like Asian fusion! ....Also the seating is so cute. A part of the restaurant is lifted and... Strolled in sans reservations on a Thursday night and the place was full/ had reservations. Because of this, we opted to sit at the bar, although a few... This place has the best food at amazing prices! Owner and staff are awesome! my new fav place! Super cool second floor chill spot. ..The food is actually as good as the drinks- creative, delicious and served with a smile. ..Best seat in the place is the... The chefs tasting menu was outstanding. I think this was the best restaurant experience I've ever had in my life. ....Everything was perfect, and amazing.... We just ate at Jema for the first time. It was one of the best meals we have had in the past several years. The restaurant was beautiful. The ambiance was... Great food and atmosphere. ..Very fresh oysters..Tuna with crab appetizer is delicious I came here for Sunday Brunch for my mom's birthday. We got there when it opened and the place was empty which was nice since we were seated right away.... This place is amazing! I got the beer flight (you get to choose 4) and the grilled cheese sandwich I got was the best I have ever had. Their menu includes... Wandered in at random and was not disappointed. Very polite and efficient service. Good margarita. Very nice flavor to the fajitas and just enough heat. The... I've been here only twice, but it's definitely the definition of Hibachi! ....The chefs who prepare it before you is always very interactive with you, fun,... Awesome food great service, its Waffle House! The Allstar special is tough to beat, not to mention the scrambled eggs with cheese, nowhere else but Waffle... Our waitress, Dakendra was awesome. Didn't wait long for our food either. First time here and a very pleasant experience. Good job, guys! A Hog \u0026 Hominy Haiku:....Fantastic service..The food is beyond world class..Take all my money Great experience.  Fantastic crab cake.  Venison dish is superb. Atmosphere is warm and relaxed. Cool place. Great atmosphere with unique breakfast foods and created coffee drinks. Can't wait to try the other restaurants they own My boyfriend \u0026 I have been here twice so far. It's probably going to be a favorite for us. The tea IS the best in Memphis, as they do boast. Best hummus... Visited for the first time on Friday for lunch. The dinner menu seems over priced, but the lunch menu is reasonable. We all had difficulty choosing a dish.... \"chipotle style\" if you know what i mean..They make the food directly in front of you!....Amazing flavors - I built my own bowl! I like a healthy option (all... Our experience at Andrew Michael Italian Kitchen was the best culinary experience of the trip.  This house, turned restaurant immediately puts you at ease.... I'm not even a huge fried chicken fan but needed a break from my week of BBQ marathoning while visiting Memphis. This place was the perfect solution.... Interim reached out to us regarding our horrible experience and asked that we give them another try.  We went there this evening and we had a very....

Thursday, September 28, 2017

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Monday, September 25, 2017

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Saturday, May 6, 2017

this scientific breakthrough stops alzheimer's in days?

This 'Natural Antibiotic' Kills Alzheimer’s?

 This is a HUGE breakthrough.

According to a team of 31 senior scientists at Oxford, Cambridge, and Manchester Universities…

Alzheimer’s and Dementia are caused by common viral infections.

Apparently what happens is this:

When we get a cold, or another virus…

The infection spreads EVERYWHERE…

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Now the problem is that even though our infection seems to go away after a while…

The viral germs actually ATTACH themselves to our brains…

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Now the good news is that scientists HAVE also discovered a way to quickly destroy these Alzheimer’s germs.

The method is actually very quick and inexpensive…

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It doesn’t involve any prescription medications whatsoever.

That’s probably why many health experts are calling this the health breakthrough of the 21st century.

People are using this natural “antibiotic” to kill their Alzheimer’s infection in under a month…

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So if you or a loved one suffers from Alzheimer’s, Dementia, or any other form of memory loss…

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You must see this natural way to destroy the Alzheimer’s virus once and for all (click here).

That link takes you to a site with all the research behind this “natural antibiotic” for beating memory loss…

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So you can use the breakthrough for yourself starting right away.


Mike Pinkerton
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P.S. Check out this quote from one of the lead professors of the study:

“There is incontrovertible evidence that Alzheimer’s disease has a dormant microbial component. We can’t keep ignoring all of the evidence”

- Professor Douglas Kell, University of Manchester School of Chemistry

Pretty crazy right?

That’s why you’ve got to click here to get the Alzheimer’s antidote now!
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Monday, May 1, 2017

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Friday, April 28, 2017

it was not supposed to happen: Trump email series #12


We were not supposed to win.

The media said that Hillary was supposed to be president. Obama’s legacy was supposed to continue. Our border was supposed to stay wide open. Our economy was supposed to stay rigged. Our massive bureaucratic state was supposed to grow even bigger.

But there was one problem…The American people had a different plan for our country.

And here in America, We The People always have the final word.

You demanded change. You demanded a new direction that puts America First. You wanted to see America win again. And as YOUR president, I’m working every single day to ensure your dreams become our country’s future.

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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

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Monday, April 24, 2017

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A Songbook of Spam book cover

A Songbook of Spam: Found Poetry from Junk Email distills the weirdest and most poignant works published here over the past 10 years into one slim, affordable volume. Newly edited for clarity and humanity. Get your copy today!

Sunday, April 23, 2017

in just six days: Trump email series #11


The 100 day-mark of our presidency is coming up on April 29th. And I hope to see your name on my final list of First 100-Day Members. This is your last chance to have your name etched in the earliest records of our historic presidency.

Please make a contribution of just $1 before April 29th to land your spot on my list of 100-Day Members. 

The dishonest media doesn’t like to talk about what we’ve accomplished, so I’m going to give you a few highlights of what we’ve done...

✔ We ordered the construction of a strong, impenetrable wall along the Southern border.

✔ We nominated Justice Gorsuch to the Supreme Court who has already begun hearing a case on religious liberties. So important!

✔ We signed the “Hire American, Buy American Act” to help America workers and manufacturers who have been left in the dark.

✔ We approved the Keystone and Dakota Access Pipelines that will provide tens of thousands of new jobs and help end our dependence on Middle East oil.

✔ We stopped using your tax dollars to fund abortions around the world.

✔ We rolled back Obama’s restrictions on your constitutional right to protect yourself and your family through the Second Amendment.

✔ We ordered restrictions on immigration from countries compromised by radical Islamic terrorism -- even despite obstruction from the far left.

✔ We ended terrible regulations that sent American factories overseas and hurt small businesses.

Stephen, these are just a few of the things we’ve done and we are only getting started… No matter what the media does to try and stop us, I will keep fighting day and night until we can say that we’ve truly made America great again.

But I can’t do it alone. I’ll need your help, Stephen.

Please make a contribution of just $1 before April 29th to land your spot on my list of 100-Day Members. 

Thank you,

Trump Signature Headshot

Donald J. Trump
President of the United States

Saturday, April 15, 2017

everyone will notice the difference in you

Biting her brother she bit of them. Please tell her with all right. Fighting back her into the rest before. Psalm terry sighed when she nodded.
Carol asked god for them
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Protested charlie pulled away from chuck
Charlotte got in beside the bedroom
Apologized adam walking into tears

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Announced adam climbed out loud that
Charlie sitting beside her eyes
Added charlie quickly jumped back

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Added charlie found herself with jerome.
Said angela to talk about. Asked charlton explained to remove the kitchen

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Inquired the guest room to talk about. Head of people to wait.
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Laughed and nodded her head.
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not make out

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not make out.
Mizuki Hui, another,
like a poem than a house difficult.
Lady should worship mistake,
the bird habitat Reverse safety.

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Friday, April 14, 2017

we're turning to you: Trump email series #10


The opposition is on the rise to take down President Trump...

...Which is why we’re turning to you right now.

The fake news, Hollywood elites, and Democrats have been distorting the president’s policies and deceiving the American people.

And in 2 days, we’ll have to file our critical end-of-quarter deadline report.

If we don’t end the first quarter of Trump’s presidency strong, the fake news will use it against us as proof that the American people are not behind the President and that our movement is weakening.

We’re counting on patriots like you to show the media that the American people are the heart and soul of this presidency.

Please contribute $1 to help us fight back against the media and show them that the American people are UNITED behind our president. 

With each new day, the fake news wages yet another war against the President and the millions of Americans who power our movement.

And right now, the media can’t wait to get their hands on this fundraising report. They’re hoping to see that the Democrat establishment and other far left organizations have raised more money than us.

This shouldn’t surprise you -- they’ll use anything they can against us. But it’s our duty to ensure that we don’t give them any ammo to use against us.

Please contribute $1 before our FIRST end-of-quarter to help us fight back against the media’s distortions. 


Trump Headquarters

Contribute $1

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Not authorized by any candidate or candidate's committee.
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getting to work: Trump email series #9


Account Number: 103887-2017

2017 Sustaining Membership: PENDING



I couldn’t believe your name wasn’t on the list of Quarter One 2017 Sustaining Memberships. I know you’re on my team, and I ALSO know that the Democrats and the fake news media are going to do everything they can to prove otherwise.

I’ve asked my campaign staff to give me the most up-to-date list of 2017 supporters by TONIGHT at 11:59 PM, and I hope to see your name this time around, Stephen.

That’s why I’m asking you to join the millions of Americans that have contributed just $1 to activate your 2017 Sustaining Membership.

We’re here because we refuse to give up.

We’re here because we are ready to put America back on track with a bold agenda that puts our country FIRST.

Please, step up for the 2017 year as a Sustaining Member by making a contribution of just $1 today.

We can’t slow down now. Let’s get to work.

Thank you,

Trump Signature Headshot

Donald J. Trump
President of the United States


Paid for by the Republican National Committee
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Thursday, April 13, 2017

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this image of silke stoddard's knitting is burned into my mind and tatooed on my heart. it was super delicious. exhibit b) the remains of a typical snack made for me January 26, 2009 in celebrations | Permalink | Comments (36) i told cate about st. patrick's day and ireland- she has a lot of irish ancestors through me. i have never been an animal person. i swore i'd never have a dog. who wants to pick up poop? not me. but somehow in my baby hungry weakness i was convinced to relent by the other two mccalebs who said they desperately needed a puppy. fine. whatever, just take care of her and pick up the poop. DSC_0044 copy DSC_0045 copy 6a00d8341bfe0e53ef010536fb58af970c-400wi DSC_0009 DSC_0046 copy January 16, 2009 in people i love | Permalink | Comments (12) Mosaic2563324

every day hardships

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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

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you it must read #2

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