Friday, April 28, 2017

it was not supposed to happen: Trump email series #12


We were not supposed to win.

The media said that Hillary was supposed to be president. Obama’s legacy was supposed to continue. Our border was supposed to stay wide open. Our economy was supposed to stay rigged. Our massive bureaucratic state was supposed to grow even bigger.

But there was one problem…The American people had a different plan for our country.

And here in America, We The People always have the final word.

You demanded change. You demanded a new direction that puts America First. You wanted to see America win again. And as YOUR president, I’m working every single day to ensure your dreams become our country’s future.

But those same people that said we weren’t supposed to win are now trying to destroy everything you and I have built.

That’s why we set goals EVERY single month to ensure we have the resources to fight back against any and all attacks. Now I need you to step up and protect what we’ve already achieved and everything we will accomplish over the next three years.

Please make a contribution of just $1 before the April end-of-month FEC deadline.


Thank you and God bless you,

Trump Signature Headshot

Donald J. Trump
President of the United States

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