Tuesday, April 4, 2017

sued: Trump email series #6


Our terrific Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, has been cracking down on sanctuary cities, but now the liberal city of Seattle is trying to stop us by suing our Administration.

Sanctuary cities like Seattle and San Francisco have spent decades breaking our country’s immigration laws -- and getting away with it.

Not anymore! Not on my watch.

But if we want to win this fight, I need you to join the millions of American citizens calling for an immediate end to sanctuary cities.

Please sign our Official Petition to Defund Sanctuary Cities.

Petition to defund sanctuary cities

Where is the sanctuary for the American citizens who have been the victims of criminal acts by illegal immigrants?

Where is the sanctuary for the Americans citizens who haven’t seen their wages rise in years because of massive illegal immigration?

You -- and millions of Americans like you -- voted to finally put the American citizens FIRST. But we can’t do that until we end sanctuary cities that are an assault on the rule of law.

Now I need you to step up and show your support.

Sign your name. >>

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Donald J. Trump
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