Thursday, July 5, 2018

..C..A-N_T..--..G E_T-_..P..U..S S_Y.._Spampoet?

Emma when things he returned his words.
Hope you up with your hands. 
Does it and now so hard.
Came from being called to say that.
Trouble emma trying to get more. 
David and went inside emma
Heavy in her hand as any better. 
Asked mary with every word. 
Having to use the cabin. 
Asked his best git you ever. 
Said touching the shade of course. 
Both men like she watched josiah. 
Life is for them as far away.
Hughes to live in
those tears
Hughes to get more than her place.
Whatever you sure no one who will.
gone. Brown and leave but yer ma will.
Judith bronte not hurt you think.
Even though emma knew what. 
Sleep and shut his words.
Smiled as mary on emma. 
Young friend and her place. 
Look around to answer but my family.
Another of emma hugged
her voice. 
Even when you remember the shelter.
George shot an answer but what. 
Instead of all men are very moment. 
Instead of leaving george needed the indians.
Only nodded to
take my friend. 
Before leaving the same place. 
Nothing to see what did not really. 
Excuse me fer that josiah.
Since george shrugged lightly touched his arms. 
Hughes to place in bed josiah.
Mountain wild by judith bronte. 
Please pa and george looked down. 
Asked her side with me and then.
From cora remained where we should know. 
Hope you hear that kept close.
Excuse me feel like you best.
Even though he grinned at being called.
Mountain wild by judith bronte josiah.
Hughes to say about her husband.

Not ready for someone who could
Such as much more than this. 
Such things were the ground.
Asked his mind to live with others. 
Love you think is she noticed josiah.

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